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For over 20 years, Austin Rich has been producing creative media in the form of ‘zines, music, radio, video, and the internet.  Currently operating in Salem, OR, at any given moment in time, Austin is working a new project, like this one.

Here is an overview:


Teenage Imagination (1993): 7 print publications written and produced at Cottage Grove High School.

The ACRONYM Years (1994 – 1995): 7 print publications, distributed via the mail and in local shops.

Trauma (October 1994): A publication that was to be written and produced at Cottage Grove High School.  Only one issue was ever completed.

LSD: Life Sucks Darling (1995): 2 print collage publications, distributed via the mail.  Produced by Syd Louse, kiisu d’saylss & Austin Rich.

I’d Buy That For A Dollar (1996 – 2005): 17 print publications, distributed via the mail and in local shops.

mall (môl), n., an enclosed shopping center (1998): A one-shot mini-zine about working at a Mall, distributed via the mail and in local shops.

Cigarette (1999): A one-shot publication detailing my efforts to quit smoking.

Dollar Ramen Whore (2000): This collaborative zine was produced by Austin, Jesse X (of Ramen City USA) & Lyra Cyst (of Plasma Whore), all roommates.  Distributed via the mail and in local shops. (2000 – current): Online content, mostly of the blogging and visual variety.  New content every week.

10-Year Anniversary Retrospective (2003)Collecting material from the previous 10 years of printed material, annotations, and other material previously unpublished.  Distributed via the mail and in local shops.

Today I Learned Everything There Is To Learn (2008): One-shot photo-zine.  Distributed via the mail.

Naked Trees Point To The North Star (2008): A 100 page collection of short fiction written between 2004 and 2008.

Ideas (2009): This is a piece I created for an art show held a Portland State University, curated by Sarah Wolf Newlands.  This was handed out to attendees. (2013): A fictional ‘zine published by an alternate version of Austin Rich.

acronyminc.blogpress.too (2016): A sort of sequel to the 2013 publication, and a completely new thing, in and of itself, too.

Salem Weekly (2016 – current): Contributor for both the online & print editions of the paper.  You can find all my stories here.



Cathead (1994 – 1996): A short-lived band performing almost 25 times in and around Eugene, OR, which resulted in this collection of recordings.  (Also available as a “Cathead Drone” paper airplane with download code.)

ACRONYM (1994 – 1995): A short-lived band performing a handful of times at Icky’s Teahouse.

The Black Noise Orchestra (2006 – current): Improvisational music group performing on the radio and around Portland, OR.

a1464287965_10Lost In The Supermarket (2013): A digital compilation of music I assembled and released.

Dead Air Fresheners (2013 – current): Occasional participant during live shows.

a1714948314_16The Shindig Shakedown (2015):  A digital 7″, with over 80 artists contributing music, ‘zines & videos that I assembled and released.

a1092625445_10+14 XP by Xiphoid Process (2016): A cassette / digital release by Portland punk outfit Xiphoid Process, which I helped engineer & mix.  Available via They/Them Records.

/root_DIR / X13567005_1616477945347821_2415112008210797247_niphoid Process Split Tape (2016): A cassette release between Xiphoid Process/root_DIR.  I engineered the Xiphoid Process tracks, two of which are only available on the tape.  I also created the Grover image.  Available via They/Them Records.

a3851339917_10Grover Grind by /root_DIR (2016): A 7″ / digital release by Eugene nerd-violence duo /root_DIR, self-released.  I designed the cover.


Mid-Valley Mutations (1998 – current): An experimental / post-punk show on KMUZ Radio at 88.5 & 100.7 FM in the Mid-Willamette Valley, and also available as a podcast.  This is the most recent iteration of a program I’ve hosted at a number of stations, in a few different cities, all in Oregon.  (Originally airing in 1998 KWVA, moving to KPSU, in 2004, and to in 2015 before settling at KMUZ in 2016, under the names Blasphuphmus Radio & WTBC Radio in Beautiful Anywhere, Anywhen.)  This program now airs live at 10 PM on Fridays, and the podcast posts shortly afterward.

Halloween Spook-tacular! (2003 – current): Annual Halloween programming, which has become an annual tradition on iTunes.

Live Friday (2004 – 2007): I hosted KPSU’s Live Friday program when Angelo had to give it up, and booked / hosted / conducted interviews / engineered the program during that period.  When I left, I handed it off to Arya.

What’s This Called? (2005 – current): Engineering and production for this program, including podcasting & web maintenance.

Closet Radio (2011 – current): Engineering and production for this program, including podcasting & web maintenance.

The Night Shift (2013 – 2014): Engineering and production for this program, including podcasting & web maintenance.

The Guitar Shop (2013 – current): Engineering and production for this program, including podcasting & web maintenance.

387126_263967493653928_1564527514_nA Momentary Lapse of Reason (2014 – current): An audio-collage based radio program featuring collaborations with Miss Rikki (of Closet Radio).

The Capital Couple (2015 – current): A talk show, focusing on the local entertainment Marla & Cody enjoy in their hometown of Salem, OR.

Geekly-Update (2015 – current): A talk show on KMUZ Radio at 88.5 & 100.7 FM in the Mid-Willamette Valley, and as a podcast.  I participate in the panels, as well as help maintain the website and podcast.

Does It Need To Have A Name? (2016 – current): A talk show podcast, hosted by Morty & Austin.  We talk about popular culture, and stuff that we like.


Terror From Space (1995): A 15 minute short film performed, written & directed by Austin Rich & Syd Louse

The Tragic Downfall Of Mr. Suave (1998): A short film written and directed by members of The Sawyer Family.  I acted as “The Host” of the party and offered our apartment as a filming location.

Human Heart Explodes (2006): Documentary.  I served a recording consultant.

In The Invisible Lies The Power (2007): Documentary.  I served as sound recording engineer.

Out of Time (2013): A short film.  I acted as “The Cow” and performed a small amount of sound recording assistance.

Spirit of The Forest (2013): A short film.  I served as boom mic operator.

VideoZines (2013 – current): A 60 minute video program, distributed via, and

Bubble Bubble Meows and the Lame-O Baby Jib (2015):  A feature-length animated film.  I provide the voice of the antagonist, Rodney The Rutabaga.

* * * * * *

BA In English (January 2004 – June 2011): Focused academic writing at Portland State University.

Social Media Contacts: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter

Untitled2Since 1993, I have held a number of journalism positions for print (“Lion’s Roar” Cottage Grove Publication, “The Rearguard” Portland State University Publication) and web (Portland Online Music Network, now defunct), primarily writing about music and culture, as well as staff and volunteer positions at a variety of radio stations (KWVA, KPSU, OPB’s “Golden Hours” program, KXRYKMUZ).

Professional Resume 


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  2. Hey Austin – this is John Meaux down here in Beaumont, Texas. You know me as –Rockette Morton– on twitter. Wanted you to know I’ll be donating $20 to the KMUZ pledge drive in honor of, Mid-Valley Mutations. I discovered your show about a month ago and have been downloading and listening. Thank you for making the show available as a podcast. Looking forward to seeing what LP you send me from your collection……all the best!

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