The Ways of Ghosts

coverThe Ways of Ghosts by Ambrose Bierce
A Holiday EP from Austin Rich.

Now available from our Bandcamp Page, it is The Ways of Ghosts, four short ghost stories from the late 19th Century.  These have been produced as separate pieces, clocking in about about 20 minutes, with sound effects, music, and other tidbits to create an audio essay that is perfect for the holiday season.  Now you can help support our Annual Halloween Spook-tacular and enjoy these ghostly encounters from a time long since past.

Ambrose Bierce was known for many things, including being a printing genius, his diverse political journalism, writing The Devil’s Dictionary (a book of definitions that he called “the cynics word book”), disappearing completely never to be heard from again while on a story in Mexico, and at times, writing ghost stories.  Heavily inspired by Washington Irving – himself a satirist / journalist / horror writer – Bierce would regularly slip ghost stories that he had “overheard” into his columns at the San Francisco Examiner.

Not only did his “spooky” pieces get taken as “true” accounts by most who read them, but the humor of these made-up slices of “Americana” (a direct descendant of Irving’s own style, so Bierce thought) seemed to be lost on his readers.  Bierce had always seen the ghost story as a satiric engine, and was floored to see that people were not looking for that with these stories.  Regardless, he understood a good thing when he found one, and collected these stories from the paper together as “The Ways of Ghosts”, which itself was collected with other ghostly stories.  The form of these collections seems to shift from publisher to publisher, but there’s an ebook version that is worth downloading for free, as these are in the public domain now.

In 2014, as part of our Halloween Spook-tacular!, a few of these appeared as part of our daily NewsBlas, and were available then.  However, I’ve re-edited, re-mastered, and re-worked these, and recorded new pieces to complete the set.

I’m very proud of these, and they are not only a great way to kick-off a full month of great stuff, but buying these help us continue to make cool things for you to listen to and enjoy.

The Ways of Ghosts by Ambrose Bierce

It’s four short ghosts stories, perfect for any Spook-tacular event in October.

It’s Not Just A Memory Anymore


Available for the first time since 1995, for the first time digitally, and with some never before seen material, we are proud to present all seven issues of A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. I.t.’s. N.o.t. J.u.s.t. A. W.o.r.d. A.n.y.m.o.r.!

Begun in January of 1994, this collection contains over 160 pages of materiel from this long longs publication, complete with a new introduction by the author, some texts that were originally assembled for an alternate version of Issue #7 that never was, and all of the existing art, stories & poems from this anthology publication from the pre-Internet era of the mid ’90’s.

This snapshot of what I was producing in those days is now available, completely remastered and in a digital form for easy reading on any digital device you may want to load it upon.  Enjoy the naive productions of a late teenager as he comes to terms with the world outside of High School.  Read as I struggle with a new and terrifying world around me.  And laugh at the ineptitude of a youthful publication.

A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. I.t.’s. N.o.t. J.u.s.t. A. W.o.r.d. A.n.y.m.o.r.  The ’90’s are back… in digital ‘zine form.

Available – for free – upon request.

It’s Time To Enter THE PORTAL

The Portal
The Portal

Now available for the first time ever in a digital form: The Portal!

In the mid ’90’s, during the rise of ‘zine culture, The Portal emerged as a completely nonsensical, barely coherent collection of comics, inside jokes, occasional political insight, with elements filled in from things found on the streets of Eugene, Oregon.  While their output was very minimal, and their influence even less so, they trod ground that few other publications had, and fewer will ever consider, no less.

Join us for over 150 pages of drug-damaged ‘ziney goodness, made the old-fashioned way: with pen, paper, and a lot of free time.  All six issues exist, and many pages are available in color for the first time, ever.

Re-live the adventures of Pete The Junky Duck, The Church of Blasphuphmus (Not Jesus), The C.I.A., yet another mysterious entity named ‘bob,’ and a host of other oddities and text that almost, but not quite, makes compete nonsense.

It’s time to enter The Portal*, available digitally for the first time ever.  Enjoy the ’90’s in a way almost no one has ever enjoyed.

* C Actually Helped The Puppy

A Don Quixote in search of a Sancho Panza.
A Don Quixote in search of a Sancho Panza.
by Austin Rich

The story that inspired‘s Lost In The Supermarket Compilation!  Nine new pieces of writing!  The first new publication in four years!  The beginning of digital writing, in inconvenient physical and .pdf formats!  Available by simply requesting a copy!

At a Halloween Party in 1999, Austin Rich made the mistake of eating a dried date that was handed to him by a mysterious stranger part-way through Jack-Ass Willy’s bluegrass set.  Suddenly, Austin found himself in the year 2010, having lost almost 10 years of his life, to find himself in a world very similar to the one he left, but seemed filled with new kinds of savagery, super science, and sorcery.

It’s three years later, and in that time Austin tried to continue his life in the way he’d done before, slowly integrating into this new future world through picking up work as The Office Detective, catching up on comics, TV, movies and books, finding a partner in crime, and studying magic, hoping after each adventure that his next leap will be the leap home.

In it all, the one thing Austin hadn’t returned to was his old habit of making ‘zines about his everyday life.  Something was missing.  Something incredibly easy to do.  Something… pressing.

Join us as we follow a regular publication by The Austin Rich from an alternate timeline.  These are serial adventures that are half-fact, half fiction, where the experiences that both I and Earth-2 Austin have are very similar, and yet, different in surprising ways.  Each issue is available in both print and digital forms, and offer a return to having a regular publication available from us for discerning readers.

Show reviews!  Movie Reviews!  Stories about dating and jobs.  And the story of The Office Detective!  Excerpts from the online publication produced by The Earth-2 Austin Rich.  “A Don Quixote in search of a Sancho Panza.”

Edition 1.0 (Physical): 20, limited edition print editions, each of which comes with a free download code for Lost In The Supermarket, the compilation based on this very story.

Edition 1.0 (Digital): 20, unique .pdf editions, each of which comes with a free download code for Lost In The Supermarketthe compilation based on this very story.

Edition 2.0 (Physical): 20, limited edition print editions, with remastered graphics.

Edition 2.0 (Digital): 100, unique .pdf editions.

WE NOW LIVE IN THE FUTURE! (radio commercial)


Bright And Otherwise
Bright And Otherwise


Which Came First:
Art… or The Idea?

After a year of dormancy, Austin Rich returns with a new publication that tackles that very question in a somewhat unconventional way. Is it a ‘zine? Mayhaps. 24 pages of exactly what the title suggests, arranged, organized, and categorized, all to get your own brain juices flowin’. Is it Art? Well, only you can make that decision. At 24 pages this textual tidbit is meant to ask (as well as answers) questions about the relationship between artifacts and the ideas they represent. Available electronically, as well as in the old-fashioned paper and ink form. First edition: 100 Copies. Just drop an e-mail, or use the handy link below.

Ideas. They’re not just for thinking anymore.

The Last Of The Naked Trees

So Naked
So Naked

It took a while to get them back from the printer, and then get them folded, and then stapled (thanks unpaid, non-existent staff), but the last batch of Naked Trees are finally ready for public consumption. The first edition is only 100 print copies, so if you didn’t get one originally, or would like a second for the optimal stereo reading experience, now would be an excellent time. While supplies last, even.

Naked Trees Point To The North Star
by Austin Rich
(collected fiction, available in paper or electronic format $6.00 includes shipping)
And be on the lookout for a pair of short ‘zines this summer. Man, we don’t get a break ’round here, do we?

Say What?

Kids these days, they have no taste. No style. No sense of cool, or even a sense of sanity. I saw this article dissing Jim Jarmusch yesterday, and really felt the need to say something. If I don’t take it upon myself to educate the youth of America, who will?

In reading this review, I feel like the writer has a very different definition of the words, “inscrutable,” “boring,” “pretentious,” and “film.” Which is fine, but it makes me wonder if he’s actually SEEN any of Jarmusch’s work, as in, actually looked at what is on the screen, rather than what he expects to be there. Jarmusch is a very instinctual director, that much is true; but by following film traditions that date from before the birthday of the average PSU student does not make him boring, or inscrutable for that matter. (I might be willing to give you pretentious, provided a dictionary is used for the sake of specificity in future such usages.) Jarmusch’s work has a life and vitality to it that ignore American standards of film making, and tries to incorporate the styles and forms of the long and rich history of the medium. Just because his new movie doesn’t “Kick Ass” the way Ghost Dog did, doesn’t mean it’s meaningless or dull; more than anything, it just means the reviewer might want to check out something other than the typical Regal Cinemas fare more often than he has been.